Matureozchat Australia, welcomes you.

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Matureozchat Australia, welcomes you.

Post by Rbjustme on Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:51 pm

Why Should I Join?
This video is in HD with full screen available!!
What's more, the forum is free! and....
You will not see adds when you join and become a member!

Hello Guest, welcome to Matureozchat, Australia,

I will mention one very important point to start with, Matureozchat is a secure site, and that is my number one priority for every registered member here, as it is for our visitors just like you, so you can relax without fear of being scammed, spammed, picking up viruses, malware or other deviant software. The network is protected by a firewall and other precautionary measures are in place as well thanks to our hosts Forumotion.

We are a forum to give people the opportunity to discuss and share their experiences with others. You will not find Trolls here!! We are extremely well moderated, have friendly members and we intend to stay that way. Once you join us, you will be able to read and reply to any topic that you wish.

Having been on forums that are open slather, We know what it is like, and that is not our way. We insist on having respect between our members, and this is our policy. We, as a community respect people for who they are and what they have to say and believe in. Everyone has a right to a reasonable opinion, whether you agree or disagree.

People love to discuss matters that are important to them. Everybody has a reasonable opinion and their own point of view on any topic, here you have the opportunity to share your view without prejudice and without fear of being victimised because of your beliefs and point of view. You have that right.

We are an Australian forum, and welcome people of all walks of life from across the globe, from the elderly people to the young people. We are seeking active friendly members who are willing to participate on our forum and interact in conversation with the other members of our community. It's lots of fun, friendly and respectful.

Friendship is a wonderful experience, and many friends can be made on line in forums such as this one as long as you keep it friendly without prejudice, a lot can be gained, not only with making friends but knowledge as well.

All our members have a wonderful sense of humour and understanding, so join in and experience what we have to offer.

We work hard to ensure, that you, as a member, retains that right to voice your opinion without discrimination or derogatory comments, and we have a no tolerance policy toward abuse of any kind. It is dealt with without question immediately.

As well as the open forum, we have a closed forum for registered members only, giving our members the opportunity to discuss sensitive issues that concern them away from the general public.

We have over 430 topics to view and over 16,000 posts for you to browse over and express your opinion. Included in those topics are a number of sub topics as well. Of course there will always be differences of opinion and heated discussions. The boundaries are simple, agree to disagree, respect each others opinion, and then move on.

Apart from our current topics, members can create topics of their own choice to allow open discussion with other members. You can post your favourite videos from You Tube, and a full screen option is available. Share your favourite pictures as well with us along with many other ways to share your thoughts and memories with our members.

We have a new members forum on the main board, with some topics to help break the ice if you are not sure of what or where to post, just to help get you started.

When you register, you will receive a confirmation email from us, usually within a minute or so, with your account details and a verification link then, you are free to browse and post on the site immediately!! You will be placed in the "New Members Group" until you reach 10 posts, then you will be placed in the "Members Group" This has been done to avoid spammers.

Please take the time to introduce yourself in the "Introduction topic" when you join us, located on the main board, as this gives our current members an opportunity to extend to you a warm welcome, the Australian way!

Please Note: If you have any problems with posting or gaining access to the site, let us know immediately, by using the "contact us" link below, or, by using the PM function to contact "RBjustme" or one of our staff members if you are able log in and access the site.

We all look forward to your posts.

Please click on the link below to view the forum rules.

Forum Rules

If you have any difficulties registering, please contact us via the link below.

Contact Us.

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