Just went through serious situation

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Just went through serious situation

Post by Kawakaze on Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:11 pm

Just a few hours ago, I was few dozen kilometers away from the epicenter of an earthquake of 7,1 degrees in Richter scale. I was in the school principal's office when the building started shaking so brutally it looked like it was gonna fall, and I would have fallen if just I didn't try to stand still. I went outside ASAP. It was time to leave school anyway, but when I went to find the bus, seems the thing was so serious that there was a tsunami alert and everyone was evacuating to the hills. There was the problem: I wasn't able to walk properly at that point so I had to find some help. Just by miracle, we suddenly got informed that the evacuation was cancelled and then I could go find the bus to return home, though I had to find a different route. I'm back home and fine now~

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